About Us

Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel

Pastor & Organizer

Dr. Kenneth Lee Samuel is a native of Darlington, South Carolina, one of four children born to Mr. & Mrs. Bessie and Albert Samuel, Sr. He has been the recipient of many scholastic and civic honors...

The Victory Story

On Sunday, March 15, 1987, the Holy Spirit ordained a triumphant movement. On that day, a body of born-again baptized believers in Jesus Christ came together at the Holiday Inn on Snapfinger Woods Drive in Decatur, Georgia, to worship God in peace, and to organize themselves as a Church of Jesus Christ.

Under the leadership of the organizing Pastor, Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel, the Victory Church body of believers realized that despite inimical circumstances, they were nonetheless "More than Conquerors" through faith in Christ Jesus. For this reason, the Victory Church is engaged in a continual Celebration of Life, Joy, Peace and Triumph in the Holy Spirit.

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The Victory Foundations

Stained Glass

The Victory Vision


What We Believe

African American Man at Church with a Bible Raised

Our Biblical Theme